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Yummy food and good conversation.

The exuberance of 15 Guides singing carols on a cold and drafty railway station.

The sheer delight of a toddler watching trains come and go.

Friends who love to help out with my toddler.

DH being able to spend some time with said toddler in between job hunting.
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Today has been a varied day.

Once all three of us were up and going we headed out to do the weekend shop. Got home and tried to put T down for a nap with negligible success.

That was a not good bit.

After lunch we went down to a friend's place. Her husband died a bit over a year ago and she's having a clear out. One of the things she wants rid of is a sailing dinghy. Several years ago we looked at buying one but decided that we just couldn't manage the purchase price. So our friend is giving us her husband's boat. It's a wooden Solo. Today Robin cleared out and managed to get the boat on its trailer moved. Our friend's son-in-law will tow it up here for us as currently the only vehicle we've got with a tow bar is the camper which is off the road.

So that was a good bit.

We then came back for me to have a telephone consult follow-up to my hernia surgery. And managed to miss the call by about 2 minutes.

So that was a not good bit.

T finally decided he needed a nap and I then crashed out for a nap.

So that was a mixed bit.

When we attempted to put T to bed he was in highly sleep resistant mode - probably due to having a nap too late in the afternoon.

So that was a not good bit.

Then I get a phone call from a Guider from the next town. She's spoken to the person who's tents we're supposed to be borrowing for next weekend and that person doesn't recall having said we could use them and isn't prepared to let us. I was sure she had said we could use the tents. 16 Guides going to camp in a week's time and no tents!

So that is a disaster.

Decide that since T is still awake we might as well get him up and go down to the hall where the Guides meet and get out what canvas we can find from the loft and then tomorrow we'll have to practice pitching tents as this stuff hasn't been used for at least 8 years and possibly longer. At least our lawn is large enough to put up a standard ridge tent.



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