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Yummy food and good conversation.

The exuberance of 15 Guides singing carols on a cold and drafty railway station.

The sheer delight of a toddler watching trains come and go.

Friends who love to help out with my toddler.

DH being able to spend some time with said toddler in between job hunting.
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So as of 1st December Robin is officially redundant. Again. Happy Christmas.
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I'm sure he was trying to be helpful but I've just discovered that before he went to bed nearly two hours ago Robin turned off the cooker. So the Christmas puddings that I thought were simmering nicely weren't. Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother. Unparliamentary language!!!

Now I've got to work out whether I should try to boil them again tomorrow or hope they are OK as is.


Jan. 16th, 2008 07:57 am
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So I was away for five weeks and this morning I've just found significant proof that in that time he didn't even sweep the kitchen floor!

As for work on the shower room (still no toilet downstairs) he says he can't do any more until he's put the ceiling up and he can't put the ceiling up until he's done the wiring for the lights and he can't do that until he finds where he's put the lights.

And as for the re-build of my computer.....
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Theo's surrogate grandmother collected him and took him to her place for the morning so I could rest while Robin did the weekly shop. Robin checked with me about which supermarket to go to. Because when he was in Sainsbury's last they didn't have the toilet paper we usually use, I said he should go to Sainsbury's in March and then also to Lidl. While that happened I went back to bed and slept for over two hours.

When Robin got home I checked the shopping list and asked him whether the fact that he hadn't crossed it off meant that he hadn't been able to get the toilet paper. He said that they hadn't had it and there hadn't even been a blank spot on the shelf where it should have been. Robin put away the chilled/frozen items and we then went out and collected Theo.

After we got back I started on putting away the dry goods. The things from Lidl were fine. In putting the other items away I discovered that the reason Robin had been unable to get the toilet paper was that instead of going to Sainsbury's in March he'd gone to Tesco! Not unreasonably Tesco don't stock Sainsbury's own brand recycled paper toilet paper!



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